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UX/UI Design

​Product Design  UX/UI Design
 User Research
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Carebuddy for St. Joseph's is a free app that will guide users of the hospital every step of the way, from making them ready for upcoming appointments to after their visit is finished—researching with the doctors, nurses, and patients.

UX/UI Design   User Research

Collaboration project with Watson Adventures, a scavenger hunt company that focuses on team building for all ages people. Deep dive into their service and collect user feedback, find suggestions for improving the service and user experience, and re-design existing web app.

UX/UI Design   User Research
​Product Design

A research case study of "The Giant Room," a creative hub for children 5-12 years old, offers STEM + Arts after-school camps and workshops in Chelsea, New York. To find how to better connect kids with classes based on their creative interests.

Product Design  UX/UI Design  
Game Design

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Pinky Pea’s Family Farm is an educational game designed for hybrid learning. Helps teachers make education funnier and easier in the classroom experiences and practice collaboration and exploration skills for kids during the pandemic.

UX/UI Design   Product Design
Game Design


The Golden Chef is a Cooking theme competitive card game. Players will take on the role of different characters in an open kitchen and make the best food. You need to use a subtle strategy and some imagination to win the title of the Golden Chef.

UX/UI Design   Product Design

Travel in Philly is an interactive map that can help families make travel plans in Philly during the pandemic. People can learn information about places, such as their hours of operation and safety policy, simply by clicking on the illustrations or moving around the map. It can engage family members in making safe travel plans together.

UX/UI Design   Product Design

The kettle is dedicated to providing its customers with organic tea that can be delivered right to their doorstep, either hot and ready or a packaged loose-leaf blend. We find tea to be one of the most all-time relaxing drinks and knew the tea shop experience needed to be brought to the home.

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