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The Golden Chef is a Chinese food theme competitive card game for two to four players. In the game, players will take on the role of different characters in an open kitchen and use the ingredients to create a variety of Chinese food. They will need to use subtle strategy, and character skills to defeat their opponents and win the title of the Golden Chef in the end. Players can choose to play online, play with people from all over the world, or customize their own game rules with friends. Besides, you can use these Chinese recipes that are included in the game to make real and easy Chinese food for yourself.

Pinky Pea’s Family Farm is an integrated, multidisciplinary educational farm game. It is an excellent tool for the future of blended learning that helps teachers make learning and education easier by providing engaging classrooms and practicing collaboration and exploration skills for kids during the pandemic.


Travel in Philly is an interactive map that can help families make travel plans in Philly during the epidemic. People can learn information about each place, such as their hours of operation and safety policy, simply by clicking on the illustrations or moving around the map. It can engage family members in making safe travel plans together.

The kettle is dedicated to providing its customers with organic tea that can be delivered right to their doorstep, either hot and ready or a packaged loose-leaf blend. We find tea to be one of the most all-time relaxing drinks and knew the tea shop experience needed to be brought to the home.


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