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The Golden Chef

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The Golden Chef is a Chinese food theme competitive card game for two to four players. In the game, players will take on the role of different characters in an open kitchen and use the ingredients to create a variety of Chinese food. They will need to use subtle strategy, and character skills to defeat their opponents and win the title of the Golden Chef in the end. Players can choose to play online, play with people from all over the world, or customize their own game rules with friends. Besides, you can use these Chinese recipes that are included in the game to make real and easy Chinese food for yourself.

Have fun and enjoy the food! 

The Game’s Rule

The Golden Chef is a turn-based game. The order of the players’ actions is determined by dice-throwing at the beginning. Players will follow the hints on the recipe and use the ingredient cards in their hands to cook Chinese food. Each tasty dish will help the player accumulate points.

The draw pile is divided into an ingredient pile and a recipe pile, which contains 120 ingredient cards and 45 recipe cards. The game ends when any of the piles are used up or the game time reaches 30 minutes. The player with the highest total score wins.


Two Different Draw Piles

Ingredient Card

Ingredients marked with 1, 2, and 3 scores.  Players will get five ingredient cards at the start of the game and will receive two in each turn. Of course, you won’t always have enough luck to get the ingredients you need. This is where you need to plan carefully how to use the ingredients wisely,  exchange the unneeded ingredient cards with other players, or use character skills to get an extra card. Players who are familiar with Chinese food and recipes will undoubtedly gain an advantage. The history of ingredients used in Chinese food and some other details are described at the bottom of the ingredient cards. 


Ingredient Cards

Recipe Card

Recipe cards show the ingredients you need how to make a dish. Players will get two cards at the start of the game and will get one in each turn. When players collect all the ingredients they need on the recipe card. They can then make food and get the score marked on the recipe card.


The Game Design Process


Characters play a very important role in the game. Players need to choose their character cards before the start of the game. Each character has different special cooking skills which can help players to increase their score in the final scoring, gain more cards, or discard others’ cards.

There are four characters you can choose from.

Kitchen Rookie: You can choose one player to exchange an ingredient card with the same score in your turn. The chosen player can choose which card he/she wants to exchange.

Meat Master: Every time you cook a dish with meat, you will get two extra points for the final score.

Hell’s Chef: You can choose one card from any player add it to your card or place it in the discard pile in your turn.

Savvy Chef:  You can get a random card from the discard pile every two turns.

Four Characters

Wireframe Sketch



Main Flow


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