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Research with The Giant Room 

#User Research


Data Analyze


4 Weeks

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About Project

This project serves as a comprehensive research case study on 'The Giant Room,' a dynamic creative hub situated in Chelsea, New York, catering to children aged 5-12, specializing in STEM + Arts after-school camps and workshops. Our team aimed to explore innovative approaches in connecting kids' personal interests with class content to foster the development of thinking abilities and nurture the creativity of kids.

Research Prompt

How might we better connect kids with classes based on their creative interests?

 Research Goal

  • Understanding areas of interest for children (i.g. Classes)

  • Understanding how to communicate with kids

  • Understanding how children enjoy GIANT

  • Understanding the tools to improve children's creativity

Target Questions and Research Plan

Parent & Kids:

  • What is your role in your kid's creative process, including his creativity at home?

  • Can you tell us about a memorable incident from a session at GIANT?

  • How do you encourage the kids to pursue their creative interests and talents?


  • How do you know that the kids are happy and engaged with their classes?

  • How do they come up with so many ideas for projects?

  • What do you think of innovation when it comes to kids?



Persona & User Journey


Tom is a 9-year-old kid enrolled in various after-school activities. He is a visual learner who also likes hands-on projects. He is interested in many different topics ranging from ecology and growing things to coding.

“I am a visual learner, but I also like to do hands-on things”


Anna is an art psychiatrist with a very busy schedule. She is very interested in her kids’ after-school activities and is supportive of their creative interests. In her free time, you'll catch her cheering for the Dodgers, cooking, baking, and reading.

“ I think GIANT purposely made that atmosphere to promote creativity. It's chaotic but in a good way.’’


Olivia is an instructor at GIANT with an interdisciplinary arts and graphic design background. She has over 10 years of experience working with numerous kids at the same time. She teaches mainly art classes.

​“ If kids are here in the GIANT room to explore the options of how tools can give you inspiration for creativity, why not? ”

Synthesis Summary



Suggestions / Research opportunity areas

Thanks for collaborating with the Giant Room 

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